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Here is the list of topics which we have covered in this Article:

  • What is MyHR CVS? And Why we need it?
  • Features of CVS MyHR Login
  • MyCVSHR Employee Benefits
  • Pre-requirements to use it
  • How to register and log in? (Step by Step)
  • How to recover username/password? (Step by Step)
  • What we can do with
  • Problems of MyCVSHR
  • My HR CVS Customer Care
  • Overview of CVS Learnet
  • About CVS Pharmacy

   Employee Registration

   CVS MyHR Login

   Forgot User ID/Password

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NOTE: In this Covid-19 Time, People are already started Work From Home. So, as an Employee of CVS Health, you must need MyHR CVS Employee Portal Account to sync your work during Covid-19 Work From Home.

The most basic question which may come into everyone’s mind is:

What is MyCVSHR?

MyCVSHR is the official employee login portal of CVS Pharmacy and Healthcare. Each employee of the company must have to register in this login portal, where they can manage their work task, and stay connected with the HR & Management team.

MyCVSHR Login: CVS is one of the most significant names in retail and health care today because they said that:

We actually care,

not only of our customers but also our employees…

– CVS Health Care

Only those companies that treat its stakeholders correctly survive in this world and CVS has the right to proudly say that they are the flag bearers in this department. The following subtopics will elaborate on the same and help you map what CVS is and about it’s one of the best EMS known as MyHR CVS Login.

MyHR CVS Portal - Official Employee Portal For People Who Works at CVS Health & MinuteClinic
MyHR CVS Portal – CVS Health Official Employee Portal

MyHR CVS Login AKA CVS Login Portal, which is a great connection medium between the HR department and CVS employees. It most straightforward the communication way between all by providing every necessary information on the employee’s fingertips. Real-time system update ensures that the employee’s time is spent most efficiently and no data redundancy or inaccuracy bothers them ever.

Here are some most common things about this portal.

  • Portal is only available to CVS Health care and MinuteClinic Employees.
  • THE official CVS Login portal is available at
  • Each CVS Employee must need to register on MyCVSHR.
  • Save your Login User ID/Password for later use (Do not share it with others).
  • Employees can reset their password using the CVS employee portal.

You can get more information about CVS Healthcare in the About us section or check

Now you know almost everything about My CVS HR Login, but still, you’re thinking that “why should we need this kind of system or portal?”, and the answer is here:

Why we need MyCVSHR?

MyCVSHR Login Portal provides too many benefits to their employees like extraordinary health and pharmacy advantages. CVS is one of the best Healthcare Company in the United States and Canada. And to manage this extensive infrastructure, CVS introduces MyCVSHR Portal.

CVS Employee portal is a kind of Employee Management system which keeps tracks of every activity of employee work to reduce their workload by 40%.

MyHR CVS comes up with a broad set of benefits for the people who are working at CVS & its subsidiary and have their own CVS Learnet Login account. And later in this article, we have given the list of benefits that employees can get via

Features of MyHR CVS (MyCVSHR)?

MyHR CVS Login Portal is coming up with a rich set of features which makes employees life much more comfortable and full of freedom. In this portal employees can manage their information and work tasks, related to the company. Not only work & information management but they can also communicate directly with the HR Department and share their problems with them and Organisation Management.

If we sit and start writing about the functionalities of My HR CVS Login portal, then we might need 10+ pages! And that’s why here we have given a concise and sweet list which includes almost every functionality of this Employee Portal.

Features of MyHR CVS Portal is as follows:

  • Employee can view pay-checks
  • Check benefits offer
  • Life insurance details
  • Access their tax information
  • Access to their 401K plan
  • Employee discounts details
  • Education assistance details
  • Employee stock option details
  • Auto and home insurance details
  • All about transportation benefits
  • Free smoking cessation programs
  • CVS Health discount center
  • Identity theft protection program
  • Schedule/Manage work details

This is all about the features of the MyHR CVS Login Portal. And with these all features it’ll give some stunning benefits to the Employees of CVS Pharmacy.

MyCVSHR Employee Benefits

As we all know, CVS is always well reputed for its nature of providing value to employees. They are still doing something, which ultimately adds benefits to their employee’s life. No matter the employee is presently working or an EX Employee, but the benefits are still the same regardless of their age, position, and level of Job.

With MyCVSHR Employee Login they are aiming the same. There are lots of benefits that employees will get because of this portal.

Quick Tip: The personnel stock purchase program is the most lucrative feature in their array of services because it’s a way where workers can purchase stocks of CVS to invest their earnings and gain even more exponential benefits in the future!

Here we have listed some of the most valuable CVS Employee Benefits:

  • CVS employee discounts program
  • Employee stock purchase program
  • Health and wellness program
  • Adoption and education assistance
  • Access to work itinerary and attendance
  • Data regarding life insurance coverage, income tax status, as well as healthcare covers

and if the above is also not enough, they will be provided access to information such as travel allowances, gratuity, and a pay-check.

Not only the above listed, but there are too many other advantages of using this portal. But as always on the other side of the coin, there are some disadvantages (which you can easily ignore).

What are you thinking about now? Do you like this portal, its functionalities, and its benefits?

Then why not give it a try?

But before we start any further process, you must have to conform with the following requirements, which is most essential for MyHR CVS Login.

Pre-requirements for using MyCVSHR @

To register and login on without any errors and problems, you need to fulfill some requirements.

Here are the pre-requirements for using MyCVSHR.

  1. Need a mobile or computer device
  2. Must require a stable internet connection
  3. Employee ID card of CVS Pharmacy or its subsidiary

If you have fulfilled all of these requirements, then you’re ready to register, login, and use MyHR CVS Portal available on

Here below in this article, we have given step by step guide on

  1. How to register on MyCVSHR Login Portal
  2. How to Login in MyHR CVS

To use the MyHR CVS portal you need to open in your respective web browser. is the official web address of CVS Employee Login Portal.

   CVS Login Portal

How to do Employee Registration? (Step by Step)

To access MyCVSHR Login and avail its benefits, first, you need to register and create a new employee account on employee portal.

The process of Employee Registration is much more comfortable. Just follow the below steps one by one.

  1. Open Web Browser
  2. Type and hit ENTER.
  3. Click on ‘New User?‘ available under the login button.
  4. Now you’ll be redirected on the employee registration page.
  5. Enter your 4 digit SSN(Social Security Number) Code and Date of Birth in the given form.
  6. Click on the CONTINUE button.
  7. Now enter your preferred username and PIN Number.
  8. Once after filling the valid information, click on the Submit button.
  9. Finally, after the validation, you will be redirected to the Login Page.

NOTE: Keep your Username, Email ID, and Password stored in a secure place, where no one other can access it. You must need it at the time of log in.

Open Registration Wizard

Security Question

During the employee registration process, you also need to set up the security question. This security question will make your account more secure. Whenever it detects that someone is trying to access your account, at that time the system will ask the Security Question to that person. And if he enters the wrong security question, then he might get blocked.

It is good to use a security question which can be answered by only yourself. One research shows that 60% of the user will set up a ubiquitous security question which can quickly be answered by anyone.

So, it’s always good to set up a powerful security question. MyHR CVS gives you the ability to set up a custom security question.

Setting up a custom security question is THE BEST way to protect your Employee Account.

So, now, you have completed your registration process. And your account is ready to use.

How to log in at (Step by Step)

Once you complete the registration process, you’re eligible to log in on CVS MyHR.

You can manage everything related to you and CVS Pharmacy from the MyCVSHR Login portal.

To login in this portal, you must need 3 things:

  1. Username
  2. Email ID
  3. Password

Now in every case, Email ID and Password is a common field but Username changes as per the role of the user.

Here I listed types of Employee in CVS and what you need to use as a User ID.

Employee Types and their User ID

There are too many types of Employees, and College students are working with CVS. But the most common thing is that they all need MyCVSHR Account.

Now, in this case, the User ID may change for each of them. Here I have listed all Employee and worker types with their Username.

  • Store Operator: Use your 7 Digit Employee ID as a User ID and CVS Learnet Password as Password.
  • Distribution Center Worker: Use your 7 Digital Employee ID as a User ID and MyHR CVS Password as Password.
  • MinuteClinic Employee: Use your 7 Digital Employee ID as a User ID and Federated Login Password as Password.
  • Non-Store and PBM Worker:
  • Momentum Employees: Use your 7 Digit Employee ID as a User ID and CVS Learnet Password as Password.
  • All Other Workers: Use your network ID as a User ID and Computer Password as Password.

Are you log in your account for the first time?

If yes then there is a little different method, because when you’re doing login for the first time, you may need to follow some extra steps to set up your account.

But you’re an old user and then feel free to skip this section.

First Time Login on

  1. Open in Web Browser.
  2. Select your Employee Type (Current CVS Healthcare Employee, MinuteClinic Employee OR EX-Employee).
  3. Enter your User ID and Password in respective fields.
  4. Verify your Login Credentials, and hit the LOG ON button.
  5. Wait for a few minutes; you’ll be redirected to User Dashboard.

Great you have successfully set-up your account and logged in to CVS Employee Login Portal.

Login Here   

Now if possible change the Password which you have created at the time of registration for better security.

Regular Login Process for Old User @ MyCVSHR

If you’re an old user and already set-up your MyHR CVS Account then you don’t need to follow the above steps. Just continue from this section.

Follow the below steps one by one to Login into MyHR CVS:

  1. Open Web Browser
  2. Type in the URL section and press ENTER.
  3. Enter your User ID and Password.
  4. Once after entering valid login credentials, click on the Log On button.
  5. Wait for few minutes, and you’re automatically redirected to Main Dashboard of MyHR CVS.

Now you have been logged in into your CVS Portal, and you’ll be able to use and manage its various features.

Login Here   

If you’re a first time user and need some practical guidance, then we have written one particular blog post on “How to use CVS Employee Portal.”

So, this is all about the current and new users, but what about Ex. CVS Employee? Then you might be happy to listen that CVS will still keep active their Ex. Employees and get in touch with them.

Login as Ex-Employee

  1. Open in Web Browser
  2. Enter your CVS Employee ID and CVS Learnet Password.
  3. If you’re a MinuteClinic Employee, then enter your 7 Digital Employee ID with a valid Password.
  4. Verify the login credentials and hit the LOG ON button.

EX-Employee Login   

NOTE: You must have to be in the United States to log in as Ex-Employee. You can not access the Ex-Employee Login portal out-side of the United States.

How to reset User ID/Password of MyCVSHR Login

Let say you have done your account registration process, but forgot the User ID/Password which you have setup.

What to do now? Because you can not log in without valid User ID/Password!

Don’t worry in this situation you have one way to recover your User ID or Password.

User ID/Password Recovery Wizard

Here I have given the step by step process to Reset User ID and Password.

How to Recover MyCVSHR User ID

You can quickly recover User ID of CVS My HR Employee portal by below easy steps.

  1. Open in a web browser.
  2. Click on “Forgotten User ID/Password” under LOG ON button
  3. Enter your 4 digit SSN (Social Security Number) and Date of Birth.
  4. Tap on the “CONTINUE” button.
  5. On the next page, enter the valid information to recover user ID.
  6. Wait for a few minutes, and you’ll be redirected to the new page.
  7. You’ll receive your User ID on your Registered Mail ID.

NOTE: Remind and Keep your User ID at a secure place where no one can access it without you. Also never share it with any family, friend, or unknown person.

How to Recover CVS MyHR Password

You can quickly recover the Password of CVS Employee Login portal by below easy steps.

  1. Open in a web browser.
  2. Click on “Forgotten User ID/Password” below the LOG ON button.
  3. Enter 4 digit SSN and Date of Birth.
  4. Verify the information and click on CONTINUE.
  5. Wait for a few minutes; you’ll be redirected on the new page.
  6. You’ll receive your New Password on your Registered Mail ID.

Somewhere in between the process of Password Recovery, you need to Enter the Password Hint. Here is some guideline for Password Hint.

Guidelines for Password Hint

Whenever you set up or recover Password, you need to set Password Hint. This hint might be helpful to you when you forgot your password.

So it is good to set up the Password Hint which can be easily identified by you, but make sure that anyone can see password hint, So set up something which can not be understandable by anyone else.

Here are some guidelines that might be useful to you in setting up a good and secure password hint.

  1. Use Sign Language: Always prefer to use sign language in Password Hint. Very few people can understand it.
  2. Do not set Password as a hint: Never set your Password as Password Hint.
  3. Use Reference: You can use a reference to anything related to your Password.

If possible then change your password once you login to the MyHR CVS portal.

You can also check How-To-Geek’s guide on “How to Create Strong Password?“. In that guide, they have given some cool tips to set a strong and unbreakable password, which is mostly impossible to break!

NOTE: Remind and Keep your new updated Password at a secure place where no one can access it without you. Also never share it with any family, friend, or unknown person.

Other Things About MyCVSHR Employee Login Portal

As discussed earlier, CVS always tries to provide more value to its Employees and Customers. And here in the case of My CVS HR, they do the same.

CVS provided lots of things which help their employees in using this Employee Portal without any hurdle and effectively.

Here are some of the things which help you in using MyHRCVS effectively.

Self Service Password Management

Self Service Password Management is one kind of Employee Benefits service run by CVS Healthcare. All the current employees who have their CVS Employee ID cards can take advantage of this service. With Password Management service users can easily manage/reset their user ID/password just by contacting the IT Center of CVS using 1-855-280-ITSC (4872).

Employees can avail 4 types of services under the Self Service program as follows.

Unlock Account

When you Try to Login into MyHRCVS Portal Using Incorrect User ID or Password, Then you May see Login Error on Monitor.

However, when you attempt to log in, again and again, using Wrong Credentials, your Account will be Locked. Your MyHR CVS Account might be Locked because of other motives too. However, You can Unlock your Account Online on CVS Portal beneath Self Service Password Management Section.

How to Unlock MyHRCVS Account?
  1. Open
  2. Click on current employee section and select Log On
  3. Tap on reset password link given below Login Form.
  4. Move cursor on Unlock Account and click to start the process.
  5. Enter valid information like User ID, SSN, DoB, Security Q & A, etc.
  6. Verify the information, and click on the SUBMIT button.

Change Password

CVS Employees May Change Their Own MyHR CVS Login Password on Self Service Portal.

To be able to Change Password, you need to log in to MyCVSHR Portal or CVS Caremark Identity Management System. Step-by-step Entire Procedure for Password Change is provided below:

How to change MyHR CVS Password?
  1. Open
  2. Click on current employee section and select Log On
  3. Tap on reset password link given below Login Form.
  4. Move cursor on Change Password and click on it.
  5. This will take you to the CVS Caremark Identity Management System’s Login Page.
  6. Enter valid information login credentials (User ID/Password).
  7. Verify the information, and click on the LOGIN button.
  8. Move cursor on the Change Password button and click on it.
  9. In change password form, enter the current password, along with the new password.
  10. Once after verification click on the CHANGE PASSWORD button.

Change Security Questions

Whenever you Forget your User ID, your Account is Locked, you have to follow a process to unlock/recover user ID/password. In the procedure of Recovery/Reset, You need to answer the security question, set by you at the time of Employee Registration. CVS Self Service Portal (i.e., lets you Change these Security Questions. However, You must log in to CVS Caremark Identity Management System to Change your Safety Questions & Answer on your MyHR CVS Account.

Reset Forgot Password

CVS Self Service Portal Permits You to Reset your Forgot Password Online in

After seeing the aforementioned portal, you want to give your User ID and other details as requested. Then You’ll Be able to Establish a New Password to get MyCVSHR Login. As soon as your Password is Reset, you can log in to My HR CVS Portal.

24*7 Customer Care Support for MyHR CVS

CVS and its support team are always available to help you. That’s why they have established 24*7 Helpline Centers, where you can share your problems and find the best possible solution to that problem regardless of time and day.

Here are the contact details of MyCVSHR Customer Support:

Here I have listed all the possible ways to contact CVS MyHR Customer Care. If you need more help then feel free to talk us here.

Official Website:

HR Department: 888-694-7287 (888-MY-HR-CVS)

MyHR CVS Phone Number for Non-US Residents: +1 312-291-5999 (Mon-Fri – 8 AM – 8 PM)

Email: [email protected]

CVS Learnet

Their CVS Learnet is a powerful health learning system tool that enables its users to analyze and understand the true essence of their job through skill development as well as training. The upper bar in learning is virtually non-existential here hence an expert in trade will also have something new to look forward to every day of his career. So as a complete package the online services are equal to a suite for employees where you benefit from getting access to your basic information to pushing your self towards growth in your tangent by providing you relevant knowledge in the niche.

If you still feel like you need to know more about MyHR CVS’s benefits and its features, you can directly call their HR by dialing in their toll-free phone number 1-888-69-7287 (888-myhr-cvs). You can also connect with them via email at [email protected] or their mailing address at One CVS Dr. Woonstcket, RI 02895.

If you’re interested in reading more about CVS Learnet, How to register, login, and use it. Then we have created one specific post on it. Check “CVS Learnet Login Guide“.

Useful Resources

As always here in this guide I tried my best to provide you all the information about MyCVSHR, it’s registration and login process, and all other things related to it. But still, if you need more information check out these useful resources.


What is MyHR CVS?

MyHR CVS is official Employee Login Portal for CVS Employees. This portal is used by Employees of CVS Pharmacy and its sub-companies to build strong communication bond between Employees and HR Department. MyHR CVS is available at

How do I contact CVS human resources?

To contact the Human Resources division for CVS by visiting numerous websites such as,, and The telephone number for the HR department, which is given as 1-888-694-7287.

How do I contact CVS customer service?

Customer Service.1-800-746-7287  Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 7:00 PM ET. Closed major holidays. To protect your privacy, CVS/pharmacy cannot discuss any personal health information through email.

Which is the official Website for My HR CVS Login?

The Official Website for My HR CVS Login is

Who is the president of CVS?

Kevin Hourican has been appointed the president of CVS Pharmacy.

What industry is CVS in?

CVS is one of the leading Pharmaceutical Companies working in the domain of Health and Medical Sector. CVS has many child companies like CVS Caremark, MinuteClinic, etc.

What is the CVS HR phone number?

The Telephone number of CVS HR department is 1-888-694-7287.

Where is the Headquarters of CVS located?

Headquarter of CVS is located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, United States.

When does CVS paycheck get published on myhr?

At the end of the month, you will get the Paycheck with the full amount of money.

Check more FAQ about MyCVSHR and CVS Pharmacy.

NOTE: This is not an official site of MyHR CVS or CVS Pharmacy. Here at, we are trying to providing information to solve your issues and enhance your experience of employee login portal. All the information is taken from reliable sources, but still, We are not taking any assurity of the information which is provided here.

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MyHR CVS Employee Login Portal. Which is developed by CVS Health Group for people who work at CVS Pharmacy & MinuteClinic. This Portal Help CVS Health Employees to keep their office work managed & stay updated.

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  • How to Login at
  • How to Register New Employee Account on CVS MyHR?
  • How to Use My HR CVS?
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